1, 2, 3.. and Phase 4.

Phase 4 is here, and Planning has never looked this Fabulous.

From new and exciting Journals all the way to Highlighters & Washi Tape.

🌟 Life Journals

The Life Journals are the cornerstone of Phase 4 - each one covering an important aspect of our daily lives.

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🗓️ Planning Journals

Planning Journals are the perfect tool to organiser your journey. Every Planning Journal lasts an entire year (12 months).

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🛍 Tote Bags

The fabulous tote-bag that will make you stand out from the crowd! With 7 bright, bold and beautiful patterns to choose from, there’s something for everyone!

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💻 Tech Organiser (Laptop/Tablet Bag)

The Laptop Bag that you never knew you needed! With deliciously thick padding inside, and a front hidden zip for chargers, pens and more - you’ll wonder why younever bought one sooner!

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🍽 Lunch Bags

The Lunch Bag that is bringing sass and colour back to the dining table! With insulated insides, and front pocket - you don’t need to worry about things melting!

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✏️ General Journals

The General Journal is all about note-taking, with over 250+ pages it's time to dedicate space for your ideas, master plans, and notes.

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🖊️ Fab-Pens

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✂️ Washi Tape

Jazz up your stationery with Washi Tapes, each one runs for 10 meters long and measures at 1cm wide.

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