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The Budget Journal brings everything to the table. Covering an entire year (12 months) use it to record daily expenses, debt repayments, end of year reports, and so much more. Packaged neatly in an emerald faux leather cover.


> Emerald vegan leather cover

> Measures 176mm x 250mm (standard B5)

> Undated 12 Months of planning, 319 pages total, including inner cover

> 100gsm acid-free bleed-proof paper

> 52 spare note pages

> Completely lay-flat design

> Front & Back Pocket for keepsakes, papers, receipts and more.

> Dark green ribbon page-marker

> Dark green elastic band

> Dark green pen holder

> Gold embossed metal tags

> Premium keepsake gift box

Inside the journal

> Introduction into Budgeting

> "How To Use" pre-filled guide.

>12 months of budgeting, everyday expenses, annual summary, monthly overviews, Christmas planning, holiday planning, debt repayment plans and more.

> Everyday expense tracking throughout the year.

> End of month totals, add up your expenses and record into categories.

>Budget challenges, "The No-Spend Challenge" "Piggy Bank" "12 Months of Saving Challenge" "The Penny Challenge" "52 Week Challenge" "Emergency Funds"

> Pocket in the front and back for keepsakes, papers, receipts and more.

Fabulous freebie

Get a free Piggy Bank Washi Tape with your purchase.

Use to decorate your daily pages and draw attention to memorable moments.

Freebie is included automatically, no need to apply any codes at checkout.

Plant trees & more

Your Journal will literally plant a small forest, and remove CO2 equivalent to 1,240 miles driven in a car. All before you've even opened the box. It's a win for you - and a big win for the planet.

Each Fabulous Journal plants 25 trees and directly removes half a tonne (500kg) of CO2 through certified climate projects. Click here to see our forest grow!

How To Use

1. After reading the introduction, you'll begin writing down your Focus Areas (what's important to you, financially) and then your Areas of Weakness (other than memes, emotional availability & drama). You'll then work on assessing your financial goals in the immediate term, short term, long term, and "Who knows when?". Next you'll identify strategies to avoid your weaknesses outlined earlier.

2. After completing your financial introduction, you'll be introduced to your 12 months of everyday budget tracking. Where you can track your incoming & outgoing finances, each day. After a month, you'll find your "End of Month Review" where you will tally up your monthly spend totals, categorise them, and work on your monthly balances.

3. The Annual Summary is a double page spread which allows you to record your income, expenses, savings, debt and more and it covers the entire year.

🤩 Phase 4 👏

The Life Journals are the cornerstone of Phase 4 - each one covering an important aspect of our daily lives.

Health & Wellness, Budgeting, Sleep and Gratitude. Everything to ground yourself in planning & organise your journey.

  • Free washi tape

    Jazz up your Journal with the included Piggy Bank Washi Tape, designed to perfectly complement your Journal and is a whopping 10 meters long!

  • Monthly overview

    Get a complete overview of your entire month with this double-page spread throughout your Journal. Add important dates, deadlines, reminders and more.

  • Set out your goals

    Identify your focus areas along with your strengths & weaknesses.

  • Bill tracking

    Stay on top of your regular bills, tallying up their cost & monthly totals and get an overview of your entire year.

  • Track repayments

    Stay on top of your repayment plans, including regular & one-off payments. Track login information, minimum repayment amounts, interest and more.

  • Budget Challenges

    The Budget Journal has over +20 Finance Challenges, like the "No spend challenge" and "Penny a day challenge".

  • Cat is out of the eco-friendly box

    We've eliminated plastic from the Journal packaging by opting for a premium keep-sake box.

Powerful alone. Extraordinary together.

Phase 4 & Phase 3 products were created to stand on their own, yet together they form an organising-machine.

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