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Planning Journals are the perfect tool to organiser your journey. Available in both Daily & Weekly layouts as well as 2022 Dated & Undated. Every Planning Journal lasts an entire year (12 months).


> Cruelty free & vegan leather cover

> Measures 148mm x 210mm (standard A5)

> Available in Dated & Undated

> Available in Weekly & Daily layouts

> 100gsm acid-free bleed-proof paper

> Completely lay-flat design

> Front & Back Pocket for keepsakes, papers, receipts and more.

> Ribbon page-marker

> Elastic band

> Pen holder

> Embossed metal tags

> Premium keepsake gift box

Inside the journal

> Introduction to your Journal & how it will benefit you.

> "How To Use" pre-filled guide.

> 12 months of planning productivity, available in either Weekly or Daily layouts.

> Available in Dated and Undated.

> 52 spare note pages (that's a page for every week of the year)

> Pocket in the front and back for keepsakes, papers, receipts and more.

> Free Washi Tape

Fabulous freebie

Get a free design matching Washi Tape with your purchase.

Use to decorate your daily pages and draw attention to memorable moments.

Freebie is included automatically, no need to apply any codes at checkout.

Plant trees & more

Your Journal will literally plant a small forest, and remove CO2 equivalent to 1,240 miles driven in a car. All before you've even opened the box. It's a win for you - and a big win for the planet.

Each Fabulous Journal plants 25 trees and directly removes half a tonne (500kg) of CO2 through certified climate projects. Click here to see our forest grow!

How To Use

After reading the introduction, you'll begin with filling in your Roadmap. This roadmap covers your hopes & dreams for the future, and your journey's game-plan. You'll refer back to these later on, to break them down into bite-size achievable goals.

Highlight your top goals for the year, these are your focus areas (Health, Business & Career, Family & Friends, Relationships, Finance, Personal Development, Fun & Recreation, Spiritual)

Next you'll find your Monthly Overview double-page spread, here you can gather all of your thoughts together for the upcoming month, make reminders & highlight deadlines.

The Weekly Layout is split into a double-page spread where you can easily see your days split into 30 minute blocks, for optimum productivity. It also contains a habit tracker, a “weekly growth” quote (which changes each week for inspo!) weekly gratitude, weekly self care and of course, your to-do’s for the week!

The Daily LayoutYour week is spread out over 7 pages, so you’ll get a day per page to write on. It contains your daily to-do’s, your daily notes and also has your day in 30 minute block view, also! So you can keep a quick eye on what you’ve got going for the day! You also have a ‘celebrate me’ box, which is all about taking 5 minutes out of your day to cheer yourself on for the wonderful work you’re doing. You will use this box each day as a way to compliment yourself (After all, we are our biggest cheerleader) 💘

✨ Planning Journals ✨

Pick the Journal that's perfect for you. Choose between Undated & Dated, Weekly & Daily. With over 10+ covers to choose from.

Not sure which layout is right for you? Get in touch and let us know what you need from your Journal and we'll give your our best advice.

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  • Free washi tape

    Jazz up your Journal with a design matching Washi Tape, made to perfectly complement your Journal and is a whopping 10 meters long!

  • ✏️ Weekly layout

    The Weekly Layout sets down each day of the week across a double-page spread, and breaks each down into hourly blocks. Great to see an overview of your week in a single glance, and for those who have extra-busy schedules!

  • ✍️ Daily layout

    The Daily Layout spreads your day across an entire page, great for those who enjoy space whilst writing. Your day is broken down into hourly blocks, notes, important to-do's, and more. The Daily Layout also features a Weekly Forecast, where you can track habits, gratitude, to-do lists and your weekly intention.

  • Monthly overview

    Your entire month planned across a double-page spread. Fill in with appointments, deadlines, reminders, to-do lists and more. Great to get an overview in a glance. Included in both Weekly & Daily Layouts.

  • Your roadmap

    Outline your own roadmap & game-plan for your Journey. Assess goals & make plans, what would you like to achieve? What's most important? Included in both Weekly & Daily Layouts.

  • Journal goals

    Find inside a dedicated space to write down your goals, aspirations, hopes & dreams. Refer back to them whenever you lose sight of your goals. Included in both Weekly & Daily Layouts.

  • Cats out of the eco-friendly box

    We've eliminated plastic from the Journal packaging by opting for a premium keep-sake box.

Powerful alone. Extraordinary together.

Phase 4 & Phase 3 products were created to stand on their own, yet together they form an organising-machine.

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