Health & Wellness Weight Loss Buddy

Health & Wellness - Journey Buddy

Oh Howdy 👋 there, I didn't see you. Welcome to your new Buddy, they're going to be there for you throughout your Weight Loss Journey - and beyond! 🥰
Fully Loaded with everything you need to stay on track, stay up to date with Weekly Weigh Ins, Weekly Measurements, the all new "DIY Measurements" and when you're feeling creative you can use the included 3 Sheets of Sassy Stickers! 🤩

💖 ⬇️ 🤯 FEATURES: 🤯 ⬇️ 💖

Fully Loaded with 'Fabulous Front Pages' you've come to know & love.
  • "My Information" - make your new Weight Loss Buddy yours.
  • "About Me" - write down your goals, aspirations, chilling plans, inner circle and more.
  • "My Weight Loss Goals" - Write down 4 of your key longterm weight loss goals.
  • "My Non-Scale Goals" - Write down 4 of your longterm non-scale weight loss goals, they're just as important if not more!
  • "Bubble Star Jar" - Fill in your Jar with visual Bubble & Star Stickers as you lose weight! Your Stickers also include motivational bubbles like "GO ME!" "KEEP GOING" "DID IT!" "GREAT" "YASS" "QUEEN" "KING"
  • "A to Z About Me" - Write down body positive affirmations for each letter of the alphabet.
  • "Dream-board" - Create your very own Dream-board, whether it be for a holiday, a treat, your aspirations, your doodles, or more!
  • "Before Photo" "After Photo" - Print & stick your photos into your Buddy and record down their date taken, measurements, weigh in, and more.
  • "Favourite Food Library" write down all of your favourite foods and their values! Store up to 40 Foods!
  • "Favourite Meals Library" write down favourite meals and their values! Store up to 40 Meals!
  • "My Affirmation Letter" - write to your future self, with an adoring note.
  • "Weekly Weigh In" - Weigh in each week with your Buddy
  • "Weight Graph" - Visually track your weight loss by charting it into a Weight Graph!
  • "Measurements" - Record your measurements, Bust, Waist, Hips, etc.
  • "DIY Measurements" - Record your very own measurements, perhaps wrist, ankle, neck etc.
  • "Dream Catcher" - Record some of your dreams, how they make you feel, notes about each dream!
  • "Evening Routine" - Create a steady 2020 Plan for your Evenings!
  • "Sleep Tracker" - Record how many hours you're sleeping each night.
  • "Treat Tracker" - Track your daily treat values, spot any trends!
  • "Activity Tracker" - Record your exercise for up to 8 Weeks. Record Time, Calories Burned, Average Heart Rate, and more!
  • "Honeycomb Habit Tracker" - Record any habit that you'd like to! Build it up over time, like a strong Honeycomb Hive!
  • "Achievement Board" - Record your achievements in your Weight Loss Buddy, decorate with Achievement Board Stickers!
  • "Monthly Finance Planning" - Record your monthly incomings & out goings, save up & treat yourself!
  • "8 Week Countdown Card" - Visually record your weight loss with the included Countdown Stickers.
  • 6x Colourful "Infinite Space of Possibility" for all of your notes & doodles.

Each Health & Wellness Book is A5 in size and very portable, it's slim-line and will easily fit in a backpack or handbag! Great to take with you to group, to record your latest weigh in / measurements.

Outside cover is finished with a matte lamination to provide strength & style.

🐊 🐍 🌱 🐒 🦥

Mother Nature is important to us, so we're proud to say that each Wellness Buddy has been part of our Carbon Offset Project.

In which we work closely with a conservationist group in the Peruvian Forest to protect indigenous locals, fauna and wildlife. As a result, each Wellness Buddy is Carbon Offset. So you can plan your best, whilst Mother Nature does her best.