Black Padded - Food Diary Organiser P3
Black Padded - Food Diary Organiser P3Black Padded - Food Diary Organiser P3Black Padded - Food Diary Organiser P3Black Padded - Food Diary Organiser P3Black Padded - Food Diary Organiser P3Black Padded - Food Diary Organiser P3Black Padded - Food Diary Organiser P3
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Saucy Details

  • Forget everything that you “think” you know about organisers and say howdy to your (soon to be) best friend. The Phase 3 Fabulous Food Diary Organiser 👋

  • 📖 Over 200+ unique pages with hand-drawn illustrations, these inserts really are everything! 🙌 Whenever you open these up and read them, it’s us talking to you and cheering you on with our pink pom-poms! 📣

  • 3 months worth of Food Diary pages, now each page is compatible with all dieting styles. With a "How To" fill in each daily page right inside!
    Don't be locked down to a single style, flexibly move between what works best for you. It is easy with our new amazing food diary page style! Just follow the instructions inside, saving you time & money.

  • 💛 These beauties include weekly meal planning, reinforced gold foil tabbed dividers, sleep trackers, treat trackers, dream catchers, and so much more! 💃

  • 👸 These inserts are made with mindfulness and body positivity in mind! Self love is so important, not only should you take care of your physical health, and your healthy relationship with food, you need to to take care of your mental health too! Because no King or Queen can do the best they can, without taking time to love themselves first 💕

  • 👑 With extra little surprises included like full colour pages, motivational quotes and mini challenges on each single page, these inserts will not only be your best friend, it will be your safe place, your go-to for when you need a pick me up, write down your goals, your aspirations and your daily affirmations.

Key Features

  • Organiser Features
  • - Hidden debit-card sized pockets.
  • - Hidden zip pocket.
  • - Back slide pocket for "The Mini Plan" pad, or spare documents / stickers.
  • - Made only using faux suede & vegan leather. As well as glue-free water-based adhesives.
  • - Each Fabulous Organiser will come in its own gift box.

    • Food Diary Insert Features
    • - Undated Daily Pages, so you can use at any time of the year.
    • - 3 Months of Food Diary planning included in one refill.
    • - Full colour page to plan your day.
    • - Comes with Stickers, Mini Sticky Notes.

Organiser Features
- A high capacity internal ring (colours vary to each Fabulous Organiser Style. Gold / Rose Gold / Black / Silver, etc).
- Reinforced metal corners for added style & sophistication (applicable to specific Organiser Styles only. Please check images for reference).
- Subtle branded stud closure.
- Side pocket for stickers, documents, money, and more.

  • Food Diary Insert Features
  • - Every seven days there is a weekly rewind spread that gives you time to record 'Gratitude' 'Power Statements' and 'Peanut Goals' for the past week and into the following one. Catch a breath, pause rewind & unwind.
  • - 13 Full Colour Dividers

Customer Reviews

Have a gander through some reviews, we also have over one thousand 5-Star Service Reviews on TrustPilot. That can't be a coinkydink!

What's included?

  • 1x Fabulous Organiser (3rd Generation // Phase 3)
  • Sassy Leaflets printed on Recycled Paper.
  • 1x Fully Loaded 3 Month Food Diary Insert (compatible with SW/WW/CAL/KETO and more)

  • 1x Hardboard Cardboard Gift Box
  • 1x Fabulous Organiser Round Sticker
  • 5x Sheets of Sassy Stickers
  • 13x Deluxe Tabbed Dividers
  • 200+ Pages of Food Diary Inserts & trackers.


We use a custom-made High Capacity Metal Ring Binder in all of our Fabulous Organisers. 

What does that mean? It means you can store even more inserts inside your Organiser, without worrying about it filling up. It also makes for an extremely sturdy Ring Binder, you'll feel the quality every time you open & close your Organiser.


With Phase 3 we knew we had to introduce a fabulous Gift Box, but we also knew we had to do it without using plastic, or zip ties. 

Enter our premium hardboard cardboard gift box, that's entirely recyclable. Thanks to the hardboard card used throughout the gift box it'll stand the test of time and securely hold your Organiser in place. When you hold this box you really feel the sturdiness & quality throughout the weight.


Okay I will apologise for that pun, but I'm not kidding when I say these Phase 3 Organisers mean business, they're absolutely perfect and each Style has its own perks.

  • Premium Materials woven into the Organiser
  • Inside Material matching the Organiser Style
  • Premium Metal Corners (on applicable styles)


One of the best new features in Phase 3 Food Diaries is the flexible dieting page-style. It's compatible with Slimming World, Weight Watchers and Calorie Counting (not to mention Ketosis, and more!)

So you can change your dieting style to suit you, throughout your Journey - without having to purchase new inserts each time.

The new Phase 3 Food Diary Inserts also include a comprehensive "How To Fill In" for the Daily Diary Page. So you'll be up & running in no time!

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