✨Personal Growth✨

Here you'll find everything you need for those some serious personal growth gains.

From Budgeting, Self Care, Gratitude & Mindfulness, Anxiety, Confidence and Journaling 💕

B5 Faux Leather Journal

Budget Journal

Whether it's adding up your coffee shop trips, or calculating your debt repayments 💸 This Budget Journal is a down-to-earth and relatable appraoch to finances 👏

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B5 Faux Leather Journal

Health & Wellness Journal

Whether it's focusing on creating a self-care routine for yourself, a personal diary or a trigger-free way to track your food 💘 This Health & Wellness Journal will become your ultimate bestie ✨

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A5 Faux Leather Journal

Gratitude Journal

Focusing on the goodness in your life, just got better ⭐️ With easy-to-use pages, you'll have an entire years worth of memories to look back on for years to come 🥹

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A5 Faux Leather Journal

Sleep Journal

Unwind after a stressful day by writing down the things that have bothered you, so that you can slip into a restful slumber ☁️ This Sleep Journal is *the* best night cap..

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Anxiety Journals

Work through your Anxiety Triggers and find coping mechanisms that'll help you navigate your every-day life! Filled with Anxiety Infused self-care challenges to try and so much more..

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Confidence Journals

Your key to unlocking a more self-assured and empowering life. This daily companion is designed with thoughtful prompts, exercises and affirmations that inspire boldness, awaken self-belief, and help you celebrate your unique achievements and more..

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Prompt Journals

Designed to help inspire you to start Journaling! Each page is filled with thought-provoking prompts tailored to address anxiety, boost confidence, foster self-acceptance, and ignite personal growth. Each prompt has been carefully crafted to engage you in a mindful contemplation!

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Hardback + Faux Suede Journals

General Journals

The General Journal is all about note-taking, with over 250+ pages it's time to dedicate space for your ideas, master plans, and notes.

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