Our most popular Sticker Sheet is now better than ever.

For the first time in Fabulous Planning history, we're now shipping all of our Food Diaries with a deluxe sticker sheet that contains Tabbed Dividers, Gold Star Reward Stickers, Love Heart Stickers, and our trademark On & Off Plan Stickers.

that's impressive

Tabbed Stickers

For the first time, you can now create your own Tabbed Dividers inside your own Food Diary.

Use them to mark your favourite pages, and easily refer back to them throughout your Journey.

Perfect for the Weekly Weigh In, Countdown, Meal Planner and more.

That's a lot.

Thousands of Diaries.

The Deluxe Sticker Sheet is raising the bar once again - as all of our Food Diaries, Spiral Journals, Organisers and more - now come with them as standard.

Later in 2024 they'll be available on our Amazon Prime store, with the potential to be in tens of thousands of diaries by the end of the year. It's a seriously big deal for Fabulous Planning.

Deluxe sticker sheet

Available separately.

The new Deluxe Sticker Sheet is exclusively available on our website for a limited time.

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