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The Inspiration Station

For our first blog post, we're going to be talking about Journal Prompts - What Journalling is, Why it's important, how to do it when to do it (after all, we've all got busy lives to lead) and of course, prompts to get you started, if you're new to Journalling!

But before we dive into all of that - Let me take you back to earlier this year, around June 2022 when we introduced Journal Prompts to you in our monthly newsletter, The Posi Post!

Our first instalment of Journal Prompts was all about ✨Mental Health✨ and I was blown away by the responses! We had emails, Instagram DM's and even order notes stating how much you loved them, and how helpful you found them.. so we just had to keep them coming for you!

An autumnal image of a journal sat on a desk, open, with pen in hand. There's a candle next to the journal that is lit, so it feels cosy and warm.

✍️ What is Journalling?

Journalling is a method of writing down your thoughts and feelings to help understand them more clearly. It's ideal for those who struggle with stress, depression or anxiety - but anyone can do it, as the benefits are astronomical! It's goal is to help improve your mental health, by focusing on your needs and being there for yourself.

A Dalmatian printed journal laid on the table, along with a rose gold glitter pen with some washi tape

🤯 Why is Journalling important?

Journalling is an important tool for personal growth, because it can be used as both a physical and mental diary! Whether you enjoy journalling on an evening, or first thing on a morning (it's entirely up to you and what works for you) it's a great way of keeping yourself in check, and a fabulous method of self care!

an open journal on a table that contains handwritten journal prompts

👀 How do I Journal?

There's no write or wrong way to Journal (see what I did there?) As it's a fun way to get creative! There's many different varieties to Journalling, you could scrap book, write about your thoughts, bullet point key parts of your day, or simply doodle whilst you relax on an evening! It's a fantastic method of self-expression that has been around for years! 

📖 What do I Journal about?

If you're looking for something to write about, fear not sis, for each week we send out Journal Prompts via our email community (sign up here) on a different subject!

To get you started on your Journalling Journey (what a tongue twister) here are some ideas for you to try 👇

- What are you hoping to achieve by starting Journalling?

- What made you want to give Journalling a try?

- Write down 3 things that you're grateful for today / this week 

- What is the happiest memory you can remember? Describe this memory and how it makes you feel

- What is the most important lesson you've ever learnt from a family member or friend? Write about that lesson in detail, and how it impacted you.


If you're on the lookout for a Journal to get started with, but you're unsure on which one might be suitable for you, you can contact us at anytime via email (click here) or you can message us on Instagram!

We hope you enjoyed our first entry of The Inspiration Station, we'll be updating this blog regularly, so make sure you're in the know via our emails, or following us on social media!

Have fun Journalling! ✍️

Until next time, lots of love & posi vibes,

Abbey xo

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