7 Day Self-Care Challenge

7 Day Self-Care Challenge

It's important to take time for you and your self care! Whether it's bubble-baths, going for a winter walk, or trying to arrange a catch-up with your bestie. You deserve good things, and you deserve to give them to yourself! 🥳

If you're struggling for ideas on what you can do for your self-care, then look no further lovely! We've got you 🤗

The Different Types of Self Care

There are 6 different types of Self Care, and below you'll see some tips on each bracket of self care! 😘

Emotional Self Care - Practice Gratitude by writing in your Gratitude Journal (or anything else you have to hand) and write about the things you're grateful for today, or your life in general!

Physical Self Care - Go for a walk outside, go for a job, or even walk your dog! (Yes, it counts) Get those steps in, breathe in that fresh air and let nature do its thing. Enjoy the disconnect from technology and embrace the outside world.

Spiritual Self Care - Whether it's yoga, meditation or even reading - do something that lifts your soul and allows you to connect with yourself on a higher level.

Social Self Care - Meet a friend for a coffee, indulge in a shopping trip, or even go food shopping with a relative! Have some laughs, enjoy the moment and be yourself

Practical Self Care - (my favourite one) This could be sorting out your wardrobe, getting your clothes ready for the week ahead, cleaning the bathrooms ahead of schedule or even doing those odd jobs you've been putting off for a while!

Mental Self Care - Journal your thoughts and feelings, make a plan for the week ahead, write about any stresses that you're currently feeling and try and find ways to unravel those thoughts, so that you're not taking them with you into a new week!

7 - Day Self Care Challenge

Below you will see a 7 day Self-Care challenge layout for you to have a go at, whether it's this week, or starting a fresh next week! Make a note of these inside a planner, or mark them on your phone calendar to hold yourself accountable!

...oh, and have fun! This is supposed to be fun, not homework 😉


Go for a walk outside and take in the fresh air and crunchy leaves - take your dog, or meet a friend! Have a catch-up whilst you crunch your way through the woods


De-clutter and make your living space cosy and warm, with candles, blankets and fluffy cushions - we're here for the hibernation season.


Light a scented candle and enjoy the aroma, whether it's sitting down with a good book to enjoy the smells, or simply have it burning whilst you're working.


Have a go at baking some autumnal goods! Whether it's gingerbread men, pumpkin pie or a good-ol-sausage caserole! If you're stuck for meal ideas, try my favourite website here 👀


Wear your favourite cosy jumper today! I'm challenging you to go through your wardrobe and get your autumn clothes out, so that you can stay wrapped up warm throughout the winter!


Have your morning coffee outside today - Okay, hear me out. Make yourself your coffee, grab a blanket and wrap it round yourself as you enjoy the cold wind brushing across your face, as you're nice and warm from the beverage, and the blanket! Great for the senses 😄


Put your phone on DND (Do Not Disturb) and curl up with your favourite book! Grab your blanket, your favourite drink and enjoy an hours reading. Whether it's reading before bed, or after you've done the dishes.. spend time on you, boo.

Looking for more ideas?

If you're on the lookout for even more Self-Care ideas, then you've got to try our Health & Wellness Journal! 👇 She's been designed with Self Care in mind! She even has her own challenges, at the back!

From mindfulness, to productivity, mental health & more!

You can read all about our Health & Wellness Journal and see what's inside here 


Until the next blog post, my babes...

loads of love & posi vibes!

Abbey xo

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