Serious Grey Suede - Productivity Organiser

Serious Grey Suede Productivity Organiser

6 Months worth of Productivity Planning, all in the Fabulous Organiser that you love. Comes with free goodies, our classic 'Chunky Yet Funky Pink Inspirational Pen', Rose Gold Flamingo Paperclip and 20 Sheets of Rainbow Notes Pages. 

Carry your Fabulous Organiser with you wherever you go. The A5 Size is portable & can be easily stored away in a bag or backpack. It's there when you need it, and easily puts away when you're finished.
Each Fabulous Organiser is finished with premium padding, to guarantee the soft & padded effect. It keeps your notes safely tucked away & secure from any drops.


Please note: Insert Photos are taken inside the Honeycomb Organiser as an example. This may differ to your selected Organiser. Make sure to view all photos to be sure.



🤩 6 Month Productivity Planning 📅

  • These Organiser inserts are made to last 6 Months, so that's a day a page. Once you've finished, you can refill your Organiser here - for a fraction of the cost!
  • Record your To-Do List, Brain Dump, Important Tasks each day, and carry around with you in the Fabulous Organiser.
  • Comes with FREE Rainbow Note Pages, for any notes that may not fit into your Daily Productivity Planner! Included is 20 Sheets of Note Pages, that's 40 sides of premium note taking!

💎 Premium Padded Organiser 💎

  • Thick cushioning inside the Organiser makes it feel great in your hands, or your bag. Soft & squishy! 

Stylish & minimal branding

  • A muted embossed logo on the inside & outside make your Organiser not only stylish, but minimal. 🙅‍♂️ You won’t find giant logos slapped on these Organisers 🙅‍♀️. Which makes them great for every day use. 👏

High capacity ring binder 📄

  • A strong metal binder, finished with either gold or monochrome black to hold all of your Inserts.

Elasticated pen loop 🖊️

  • Handy elasticated pen loop inside of your Organiser, positioned just right. Holds small to large pens, thanks to the extra stretchy elastic. 
  • Perfectly fits the included 'Chunky Yet Funky' Inspirational Pen.

🦩 Rose Gold Flamingo Paperclip 🦩

  • Included with your Productivity Organiser is a lovely Rose Gold Flamingo Paperclip.
  • Great to keep track of your daily page, throughout your planning journey!

    💖 Fabulous Front Pages 💖 

    • Record your personal information, goals and personal likes & dislikes. Talk about your goals and aspirations. Track your habits over 6 Months, recording up to 52 Unique Habits in 6 Months. Record your sleeping habits, and fill your Inspirational Jar with aspirations & positive messages.

    ⛔ Single Use Plastic - not here, honey. ⛔

    • It’s 2019, and it’s time to act like it. That’s why we spent a lot of time sourcing materials that are not only friendly for Mother Nature, but are free from Single Use Plastic. So your Organiser will ship in a secure recyclable cardboard book wrap, and won’t be suffocated by nasty single use plastic.