Sassy Sticky Notes - The Ultimate Bundle
Sassy Sticky Notes - The Ultimate BundleSassy Sticky Notes - The Ultimate BundleSassy Sticky Notes - The Ultimate BundleSassy Sticky Notes - The Ultimate BundleSassy Sticky Notes - The Ultimate BundleSassy Sticky Notes - The Ultimate BundleSassy Sticky Notes - The Ultimate BundleSassy Sticky Notes - The Ultimate BundleSassy Sticky Notes - The Ultimate BundleSassy Sticky Notes - The Ultimate BundleSassy Sticky Notes - The Ultimate BundleSassy Sticky Notes - The Ultimate Bundle
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STOP RIGHT THERE 🤚 (Man, the Spice Girls were good,weren’t they?) We’ve got what you need and we’ve got it goooood, baby! Say howdy to our Sassy Sticky Notes THE ultimate Bundle! 👋

What makes it ULTIMATE you say? 😜 Well sugar buns, it’s ultimate because when combined It has a total of 1,525 Sticky Notes! Say WHAT? 🤯 Yep, I’ve checked.. this isn’t a typo, this is FACT and boy oh boy is it fabulous! 👏

These bad boys aren’t one to miss, they’re not the sort of thing you just scroll past.. you gotta stop, admire and take it - A L L - in! These Sassy Sticky Notes are super colourful, super sassy, super bad-assy and are ONLY made for Kings & Queens! You won’t find any plain prince’s & princesses here, boo 💁‍♀️

Speaking of plain.. we just don’t DO it here at Fabulous Planning! 🙅‍♀️ We’re known for our colour, our diversity and our down right GORGEOUS (and not to mention, affordable!) products! All of our products are ethically sourced, ethically made & ethically manufactured! We work incredibly hard to lower our Carbon Emissions and look after mother nature.. because if we don’t, there’s no planet B for us to slay on! 💃


Im’a explain each of these Sassy Sticky Notes in finer detail so bare with me, sugar! *put’s glasses on & sips raspberry gin*

👉 Includes 3 sets of our Sassy Sticky Notes, for the ultimate bundle.

👉 Our A4 Sassy Sticky Notes contain a whopping, whooping doodle-shooting 800 sticky notes for you to write, scribble, doodle & stick all over the place! Like, that’s a LOT of sticky notes right thuuur 🤯

👉 Insert Sassy Sticky Notes contain 525 sticky notes for you to write, scribble, doodle & stick all over the place! I know right? Impressive 🤯

👉 Our Cubed Sassy Sticky Notes contain 200 sticky notes

👉 Bundle includes over 1,500 Sticky Notes.


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👉 No loose sheets!Don’t want to loose your Sassy Sticky Notes? We feel you, boo! It’s a bugger when that happens! You know the one.. you’re on the phone, about to take a number down and you just CANNOT find for the life of you find those dang notes or scrap bit of paper! Because of moments like these (and the fact that we’re clever cookies… ooh, cookies 🤤) THIS is why these Sassy Sticky Notes are held together on our ‘known for’ extremely hardback backing board whilst INSIDE your Fabulous Organiser! These beauties won’t getting lost any time soon, sugar! Huzzah! 👏 

👉 Each Sassy Sticky Note pad is completely different and unique!Why should you part with your hard earned cash for something that’s samey-samey-matchy-matchy? Answer: You shouldn’t 🙌That’s why each of these Sassy Sticky Note designs have been meticulously created by us to stand out from the crowd (just like you) be faaaaabulous (just like you) to be creative (just like you) and a real piece of wonderfulness (shocker: just like you) 😘

👉 Minimal BrandingDon’t even get me STARTED on that minimal branding! 🤩 Who wants to be a walking, talking advert anyway? We know we sure wouldn't! That’s why all of our designs contain minimal branding, using teeny tiny subtle logo’s or wording! You can rest easy knowing that FABULOUS PLANNING isn’t going to be slapped across every note you make to your boss about Tina calling in sick *again* 🙄

👉 Down to earth!We don’t beat around the bush here at Fabulous Planning 💃 We say it as it is, and how it is is how it’s said (or something like that) We use profanity.. because lettuce be honest, we all swear now and then… am I right? Especially when those heavy items hit your little toe… sweet LAWD, why does it have to hurt so bad? 😧 Anyway..We use *some* profanity in these Sassy Sticky Notes - but it’s been done with such taste, y’all won’t know the difference!

👉 No Plain Jane!Now although these Sassy Sticky Note Inserts have no writing on.. they’re definitely not plain! These Sassy Sticky Notes contain vibrant colours, sassy patterns, super-cute tab dividers & quirky circular reminders! What’s that I hear? A round of applause? 👏 I love it. 

👉 Bundle includes over 1,500 Sticky Notes.


Don't get too excited! Because this product has launched yet, there are no product reviews! In the meantime, why not read the reviews of Fabulous Planning & the service we offer? Over 700 Five Star Reviews, that's no coinkydink.


Each Fabulous Planning Product comes with our dedicated "Fabulous Warranty" which ensures your product to withstand the test of time. 

We're confident that each Fabulous Planning product will function correctly for the length of use.

1 Year - No Quibble Repairs

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One the back of each Sassy Sticky Note you have the gorgeous illustration that Jack has created - y’all went cray-cray for it when we announced these on our Instagram page!

The illustration perfectly depicts pretty much everything Fabulous Planning stands for! 

👉 Rainbow nails = We stand with and support all LGBTQIA + communities and donate to charities! 🏳️‍🌈

👉 Skin complexion/condition = We believe that everyBODY is beautiful and should be honoured for their fabulousness and uniqueness! We stand for diversity and accept everyone for who they are, where they come from & what they believe in! 🥰

👉 Our products are included = This is shown to represent our Trust Pilot Reviews! We’re trusted & reviewed, from over 800+ real customers! 👏 Not many other companies can say that 😉 

👉 Vibrant Colour = If you’ve known us for a while, or you’re new around here (Howdy, honey 👋) We don’t do black and white. We don’t do plain & boring. Life is colourful, life is mysterious, adventurous & exciting.. and that’s why our stationery is the same 😍 So the bright and bold colours you see here and exactly what you’ll find throughout our products, website & social media platforms!



These Sassy Sticky Notes will fit perfectly alongside our new Planning Pads, Shopping Lists, Fabulous Organisers & Fabulous Food Diaries!We don’t just create things for you to buy, we create things that will help you, make your planning days, shopping trips & meetings THAT much easier! Everything in the one place, all fitting together like a well oiled, fabulous cog ⚙️

📸 Pictured: "Sticky Notes - Explicit Orgy Set" & A5 Shopping List, Exotic Leopard.



You can always rely on Fabulous Planning to provide only the best (and affordable) stationery around! Stationery that not only helps your wallet, but helps mother nature too! Because if we don’t look after our home - there’s no planet 2 for us to slay on! 💃

That’s why all of our Fabulous Food Diaries, Body Positivity Dividers, Hardback backing (and now) Sassy Sticky Notes have been ethically sourced, ethically manufactured & ethically produced so that we continue to lower our Carbon Emissions! 🌍 🌱

📸 Pictured: Sticky Notes - Rounded Rectangles Set 1



Whether it's a "Treat-Yo-Self" kind of deal, or a gift for your bestie, the ultimate sticky bundle is the best way to experience unfiltered sass & fabulous style.

Get all 3 sets of new Fabulous Planning Sticky Notes for one discounted price (now that's what we like to hear!  💁‍♀️

📸 Pictured: Sassy Sticky Notes - The Ultimate Bundle

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