Productivity Pad

[NEW] Productivity Pad

All the fabulous colours & thick paper quality you expect from Fabulous Planning. Say "Howdy" to our new Productivity Pad! Ideal as your desk-companion or to take with you on the go, this little helpful buddy will help organise your day; every week!

Vibrant Colours

Printed with high vibrancy inks, these colours pop and oh Queen will you notice it. Colourful & positive to use, and not only that.. printed with eco-friendly vegetable inks.

Pink Chunky Fabulous Pen


Keep your Productivity Pad accompanied with the included Pink Chunky Pen! Together they slay your goals, organise your day to day life and keep you Fabulous.


25 Sheets of Organised Fabulous Planning


25 Sheets with a daily undated view on one sheet, this can be used for 25 Days continuously or you can use it when you're feeling productive, like on a Weekend!