Inserts - Pink Blush TV / Movie Pack

 📺 Sometimes, do you get stuck on what to watch?  Lose track of what you are watching or can’t remember what episode? 😶 Yes? Us too! Now this is sorted for us all 👌.  Each page is designed for you to easily record your programmes name, episode, season and more! 🤗. Each pack will have 10 sheets in.  Record on the back your Movies 🎥 and rate them in 🌟 - like being your own movie star! Store them in your fabulous planning organiser or use as a refill 🥂. You may not be the next 🌟 on the screen, but in your 📺 planner you will slay 💃 like the star you are!


💖 10 Sheets, double sided print for your Favourite TV Shows & Movies.

💖 Track up to 30 TV Shows, and 30 Movies!

💖 Compatible with our Fabulous Planning™ Organiser