Two SW page styles,

no wrong choices.

We have two page styles available for Slimming World Compatible Food Diaries.

"SW Compact" - The most features packed into a daily page. Track everything on your journey.

"SW Spacious" - A little more room for writing and a lot more clarity throughout the day.

Both styles come with fabulous front pages, stickers, premium paper, and more.

SW Compact

Perfect for those who want to track everything on their Journey, from steps taken to "Today I Feel". Includes a water, fruit & veg, sleep, and activity progress bars.

Best Features:

Daily Meal Planner

"Today I Feel"

Dedicated 'Snacks' section

Split into headers & categories

SW Spacious

Perfect for those who just want to record their daily food intake, with larger lines and more space to write.

Best Features:

Tick-Off-Treats box

#PositiveMojo Daily Affirmation

Dedicated 'Healthy A/B' Boxes

Hunger Bar, record key info, mood, full/hungry with each meal.