Meet the Continental Fab-Purse

Calling all divas, wild-cards, eccentrics, and independent women.

Meet the new Continental Fabulous Purse (or as we like to call it, the Fab-Purse). She's here to let you know that you've got this.

Bursting at the seams with gorgeous pockets, handy metal zips, space to hold your phone, receipts, coins, cash, cards and more.

Purr-fectly compliments your other Fabulous Stationery, these Fabulous Purses will be available in 3 styles to start off with. Leopard, Dalmatian, and Black Padded..

We're still in the process of designing & producing these new Fab-Purses, as we're sparing no expense - but we couldn't resist letting you in on the secret project!

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Meet the XL Folio

We're really giving you the "All Access" Pass here... say "Howdy" to our secret XL Folio.

This bad-boy is all about carrying your books, laptops, tablets, headphones, heck.. it's all about carrying everything.

This XL Folio is still in-development like our new Fab-Purses but we can't wait to bring you along the journey of production & design!

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