Our Climate Journey

We're ensuring a greener future.

It's Official. We've Partnered Up!

We've joined Ecologi's growing community of incredible people and businesses ranging from small to large. 

With Ecologi we can efficiently maximise our impact whilst continuing to grow our small business. In turn we're able to create new & exciting projects that have even greater positive impacts on Mother Earth.

Giving With Every Order

With every $15 (roughly ~£10) spent we plant native and diverse trees in Madagascar, Mozambique & Nicaragua.

The planting projects, carried out by our partners Eden Reforestation, help to support communities and reduce poverty by employing local workers.

We're A Climate Positive Workforce

Even though we're just a small family business we've gone ahead and become a Climate Positive Workforce.

We offset more than each person's carbon footprint which includes home living & personal travel, holidays, food, hobbies and everything!

On top of that, we plant a minimum of 12 trees per employee every month. As well as funding climate projects.

We Support The Best In Climate Action

We help fund the world's best climate crisis solutions. The climate projects include renewable energy generation, forest protection and community initiatives such as providing access to clean water.

In 2021 we have exciting plans at Fabulous Planning to drastically increase (over tenfold!) our funding towards these climate projects, and your support helps us every step of the way!

13+ Million Trees

Collectively Ecologi has helped plant over 13 million trees (that's 1 tree every 2 seconds!)

Only The Best In Class.

We only offset projects which meet the highest verification standards, such as Gold Standard or Verified Carbon Standard. In addition we aim to fund projects that meet other important sustainability standards like CCBS and SD VISsta.

Read more about these rigorous standards by visiting the sites below.

👉Verified Carbon Standard

👉 Gold Standard

👉 SD VISta

Planning Change - That's Fabulous.

On top of already helping to fund climate projects with our Climate Positive Workforce mentioned above - all of us at Fabulous Planning have been working hard on cooking up something spectacular.

Later in 2021 we'll reveal the project that has consumed us since the start of 2020 (over a year & half in the works!) and this project will lead to astronomical change.

The ambitious goal of the project is to offset over a whopping five thousand tonnes of carbon emissions and plant an overwhelming amount of trees... 250,000 of them! 

Keep up date on our latest project by following us on Instagram, and reading the blog on our website!

365k+ tCO2e avoided

That's equivalent to 189,000 flights from London to LA!  ✈️

Our Achievements

Here's an overview of some of the achievements we've made so far, you can view all of our awards by visiting our profile here

100 Trees Planted

After just a short week we were able to plant over 100 trees thanks to our fabulous flock!

Achieved in April 2021

500 Trees Planted

Less than one month after starting this Climate Positive initiative we've been able to plant over 500 trees!

Achieved in April 2021

See the amount of carbon reduction and how many trees we've planted in real time by visiting our Ecologi Profile!

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