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Meet the future of Organisers. Our new Fabulous Organisers.

7 brand new Organisers made for royalty, and with something for everyone. We didn't stop there either, with over 200 colourful & fun to use pages built into the Organisers, these are the best they have ever been. Pretty fabulous huh?

So what else did we announce? 

Not only did we change the game with 7 Brand New Organisers, we introduced a complete redesign of our beloved Fabulous Front Pages, as well as brand new pages on top of that. From "Dream Catchers" to "Habit Trackers" - we made sure to have everything in these new Fabulous Organisers.


Sounds pretty expensive..?

That's where we went above & beyond Queen, these new Organisers are not only fully loaded - but they don't cost the Earth (..unlike some, to say the least). We raised the bar with colourful & unique designs, tabbed dividers, and inspirational pens, all included in the price. No added extras, no costly add ons.

Carbon Neutral & ready for 2020

Now you know us, we like to stay up to date - relevant, and to the point. We made sure that our new Fabulous Organisers said "Bye Felicia" to Single Use Plastic, you won't find a single bit.  Of course, we didn't stop there - with our Carbon Neutral Projects (that you can read about here) we pushed further than ever before, and have been increasing our contributions to. We're proud to say, we're pretty proud.

When & where?

All of our brand new Fabulous Organisers will be ready to Pre-Order on Friday the 4th of October, 2019. Ready to be shipped by the end of October, just in time to boss all of November. Pre-Orders will start at 6PM on our Website. See you there, Queen.

New tabbed dividers

That's right - these new Fabulous Organisers are loaded with inspirational Tabbed Dividers at every corner. We spent a lot of time designing each Divider to be inspiring with a powerful message of self-love, and body positivity. We're extremely happy with the results!


New Countdown Card & Stickers!

Not only did we redesign our Countdown Card to be simpler, and even more colourful... we added stickers! Badge Stickers! You peel off these adorable stickers, and they have a little "Donut" hole in the middle, where you can write in your new Weekly Weigh In. It's the most interactive a Countdown Card has ever been, and we love it.

Double Page Spread Meal Planning - Tick.

A very popular request for our new Organisers was  Meal Planning, of course we didn't just stop there. We made sure our new Meal Planning Pages opened up onto a double page spread, so you can see your whole week at a glance. Each day is filled with a fun & inspiring quote as well (or a pun, I'm sorry in advance).


Stay fabulous everyone, and have an amazing day!

- Abbey x

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